Datarealm has been hosting sites since 1995 and has been utilizing a custom built load balanced clustering solution for our clients for nearly 15 years!

This is NOT your typical shared hosting setup! Our load balancing gives you:

- maximum site performance
- maximum site uptime

Most hosting companies place your site on a server with 200 of your closest friends. When that server gets overloaded they wait for you to complain and then migrate the site to a less loaded machine until you complain again as users are added that system. Likewise if the single server crashes, your site is offline until they correct the issue.

Datarealm's load balancing solves both of these issues!

Our Starter Account, from as low as $3.71/month includes:

Unlimited Databases
Unlimited Email Addresses
WordPress Easy Installer
Multiple scripting language support (eg, PHP, Perl, etc)
Clustered and Load Balanced
50 GB Premium Bandwidth
3000 MB Disk Space

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Our datacenters have all the usual trimmings (UPS failover to generator, etc) as well as fiber links from a huge array of providers.

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Established in 1995, Datarealm Internet Services has been exclusively hosting web sites for 18 years!