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    I have rsync backups set up to pull from the /backup folder from one vps to another. On the source vps, cpanel is setup to run and last night I see a folder /backup/2013-11-21. However, in my backup vps, under the backup folder are 5 directories: cpanel, etc, home, root, and var ... they appear to contain valid files from the source vps, but doesn't look like /backup/2013-11-21.

    Why don't the backups look the same?

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    Check your slashes. With a trailing slash on your src dir, you get only the contents of that dir. Without the slash, you get the entire dir.

    For example let’s say you have a directory called /stuff which contains 2 files: file1 & file2:

    rsync -avz /stuff/ -e ssh [email protected]:/backup/dir/
    Will produce: /backup/dir/file1 & /backup/dir/file2

    Now take the same command, and remove that trailing slash on /stuff:

    rsync -avz /stuff -e ssh [email protected]:/backup/dir/
    Will produce: /backup/dir/stuff/file1 & /backup/dir/stuff/file2
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    or it could be that the backup was not finished by the time you run the rsync, so you grabbed the folders that were supposed to be in the archive...

    as serve-you mentioned, maybe you're using rsync wrong. can you give us the rsync command that you're using ?
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