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    Unhappy Servint VPS down for almost 2 days

    Hey guys,

    I've been a customer of servint for over 10 years. Everytime I've had an issue or needed something done, it was always done within minutes.

    2 days ago, on Tuesday, my server went down at about 6pm. I didn't get around to checking into it until mid day Weds, at which point it took 9 hours to receive a reply from MST or NOC @ which told me "a power issue" and it "required restoring from a backup" which by the way, is still not done. I hope that **** didn't explode or something. I forgot how much I am crippled without email.

    Weird, servint, weird.

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    SteveD718: you're right, that does sound weird. We're looking into this right now, and we'll stay in touch via the ticketing system.

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    I couldn't get into the portal because I couldn't reset my password because my email is on the servint server, but Ryan @ chat was nice enough to change my email so I could login and look at the updates (which are plentiful) regarding the server. Still down for me though!

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