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    Assigning IP Address

    I have a question, I already have a dedicated server and have to create a VPS on it, but is there any way I could do to assign different IP addresses on every VPS I make for free or without requesting more IP addresses on the provider?...


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    How many IP addresses did you get assigned by the provider?

    The obvious answer to your question is no, but that doesn't mean you don't have other options eg NAT to map different ports to different VMs.

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    Hello and Good day ngardiner,
    Can you please elaborate NAT to map different ports to different VMs?

    Sorry for limited knowledge

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    Hi rfstrider,

    NAT stands for Network Address Translation. It allows you to map one IP address to another (ie to Some of the more advanced NAT techniques include masquerading (where you hide multiple private IP addresses behind 1 public IP) and PAT - Port Address Translation, where you map on individual port numbers.

    Consider you have a host with 1 IP ( and behind it you have 10 VMs ( You can use PAT to forward port 1111 to, 2222 to etc.

    This would allow you to SSH to any of those hosts directly by using the port number assigned to each one, for example.

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    Hello again
    Do you have skype so that we can talk over there?...
    Thanks for the great info you provided to me

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    Sorry, I don't have skype but happy to help out if you have more questions. If you let me know what OS you're running and how many IPs you were assigned I'll see if I can give you an example

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    I am using ubuntu OS
    just created 5 virtual machine there via VirtualBox,
    and I am planning to have different IP addresses on those VM
    Sad to say but /30IP address only

    Thank you bro for helping me out

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    No worries. For those VMs, you'll need to have some Private IP addressing which virtualbox provides via the NAT adapter. In fact if you configure each of those VMs to use the NAT network adapter, VirtualBox will automatically assign IP addresses to them. See this section here:

    That will do exactly what you need except if you need incoming connections. What will be connecting into those VMs from the Internet? Or will they all just be routing outbound?

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    What Im planning is both if possible, inbound and outbound.
    Thanks bro, so with this do you think I wont need to order more IP addresses?

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    The vm can connect to the internet, but from the internet they can't be connected. We need to make a portforwarding using iptables as the example :

    iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 1022 -j DNAT --to-destination
    Change eth0 to your own network interfaces.
    Change 1022 to your own incoming ssh port you want
    Change to your own vm - my personal homepage

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    It's not possible, you'll need to purchase more public IP's from your hosting provider

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    It is possible but by using the port forwarding.

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    You can use NAT and assign each VPS private addresses. Assuming you use Proxmox

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