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    Fetch robots.txt failed?


    Here is my robots.txt

    Last 3 days server downtime, then Google tell me "fetch" it.

    After done, I got error:

    Can anyone tell me why this happen?

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    It could simply be that Google's servers still see it down. Such as Caching, etc. I wouldn't panic, try it again
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigu_c View Post
    Last 3 days server downtime
    That's the problem. Change host, 3 days downtime are not acceptable.
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    I would make sure your .htaccess file isn't redirecting the googlebot. Then, maybe use a head-checker to ensure that the file isn't returning a 404, 501(i think) or 301.
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    I had this same problem a couple weeks ago. If you have not changed anything yourself I would say your server was probably down at the time of crawling. Just Fetch as google in webmaster tools and wait. It can take a while for these errors to go away.
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