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    * ServerSync, By AcuNett | R1Soft Backup Launch Special

    SERVERSYNC is a RAID-6 remote backup service provided by AcuNett, LLC. We specialize in FTP/Rsync accounts and R1Soft Backup accounts.

    Buy 10 months Get 2 months free.

    November Launch Special: $25/month off R1Soft Accounts.
    Coupon Code: 166RWK3FUT

    Gigabit uplinks with ZERO Bandwidth Charges.
    Multiple protocols supported: Duplicity, RSYNC, rdiff, rsnapshot, scp, ftp, WebDisk.
    RAID-6 Dual Parity Disk Protection (Most companies use only single parity RAID-5).
    FREE Backup Configuration. Let us take care of it for you!
    CageFS Enabled for additional data security.

    ServerSync FTP/Rsync

    5TB $250/month
    2TB $150/month
    1TB $100/month
    500GB $50/month
    250GB $25/month
    150GB $15/month
    50GB $10/month
    20GB $5/month

    ServerSync R1Soft

    5TB $275/month
    2TB $175/month
    1TB $125/month
    500GB $75/month
    250GB $50/month
    150GB $40/month
    50GB $35/month
    20GB $30/month


    Be your own Backup Service Provider (BSP)! Create unlimited accounts using WHM or R1Soft and sell your own packages. $15/month and includes an extra 150GB of Space.

    Please email [email protected] with questions or visit our website.

    Visit to activate your account.

    Customer Testimonials
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