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    Merchant company review

    I don't post much at all, mainly I use this website for reference when we need technical help. We run 7 different ecommerce websites within our company for various product lines. We have come across a merchant company that we have been using for the last couple of years that deserves recognition.

    We have used a few different merchant account providers over the years. We had the pleasure of learning first hand how evil of a company First Data is and getting stuck with them for a few years. We did our due diligence this time around and for the last couple years we have been with CDG Commerce. CDG Commerce, although a much smaller company than First Data, responds quickly to emails and support inquiries, they're always there to help if there is ever a problem. They are very nice folks that treat you as a customer that they care about, and not just a number. They also have their free gateway, Quantum Gateway, which we have gotten comfortable with and now we prefer it over and other gateways we have used in the past.

    Overall, I would recommend for anyone that is looking to open a merchant account, or anyone looking to switch merchant account providers to take a serious look at CDG Commerce. They are a first class operation and gone above and beyond what we expected from a merchant company to take care of us as a customer.

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    Yup. I agree. We've been using CDG Commerce for about 10 years now.

    Link for the Lazy:
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    Could not agree more. We've been with them for two years and have had zero problems. First class service for sure. Web Hosting You'll Brag About!
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    Customer need a strong data with fully sales and support and email support inquiries needed in online ecommerce store

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    Completely agree. Have been associated with them for 5 years now

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