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    Exclamation Dedicated IP x DDOS Attack

    Dear all,

    I've got a new server at Softlayer and I started to have a big problem after deciding using dedicated IPs for each site looking for improve SEO of each one.

    Well,yesterday after doing that, my server started to receive DDOS atack. Currently, I have around 4400 connections hits on my Apache.

    I asked to my host support solve this issue, but since yesterday they are still trying to mitigate that.

    They said:

    "The attack is still strong, sorry, we cannot provide definite time to fix a ddos
    attack , as this will depend on the size and kind of attacks,
    or if the attackers are persistent".

    So what should I do in this situation? How to avoid it?

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    Use a dedicated server from Blacklotus, no matter you have one IP or 255 IP, all protected.

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    I wouldn't like to change my host company because of that. I need help to solve it.

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    1.Change IP address of your websites immediately
    2.Put new IPs behind cloudflare
    3.Put your sites live again

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    for cloudflare ddos protection he should pay $200/M/IP. it is better to get a dedicated server with ddos protection.

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    In this case you should move for a DDoS protection company.

    If its only small websites you can just get a protected webhosting, also you are able to get dedicated IP for each website.
    HyperFilter DDoS Protection Solutions
    Specializing in DDoS Protected Hosting Services such as:
    Dedicated Servers - Colocation - WebHosting - Domain Registration - Remote Protection Services
    Exclusive management panel for attack reporting available for all services.

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    Since each site is on a separate IP, why dont you just null route the offending IP for the mean time?

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    Null route is temporary way but is not a solution

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genius Guard View Post
    Null route is temporary way but is not a solution
    Notice why I said "In the mean time". I am sure he doesn't want the rest of his web sites on the server was a tip buddy

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    Post Hi,

    Quote Originally Posted by Genius Guard View Post
    for cloudflare ddos protection he should pay $200/M/IP. it is better to get a dedicated server with ddos protection.
    200.00 month is for Advanced DDoS protection, yes. But basic DDoS protection is available to all sites with I'm Under Attack mode, including free and Pro. We only guarantee the protection at the Business or Enterprise tier of service.
    CloudFlare Community Evangelist

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    Contact Softlayer's sales department and ask them for a DDoS solution recommendation. They'll often have good recommendations.
    Matt Mahvi
    Staminus, Infrastructure DDoS Protection and Appliances
    @ 200+ Gbps global ddos mitigation network. Local or Remote. Proxy, GRE, and direct cross connects.
    @ Available in Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles and Orange County. Anycast BGP.

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    Maybe can help you.
    Hosting And Designs L.L.C. Since 2002 -->
    Tech Blog:
    Sales: Lars A Jensen. Direct: 503-999-7518 9am-5+pm

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    Did you or SoftLayer determine what type of DDOS it is? 4400 connections sounds like a TCP Syn Flood that filled up your NIC interrupts. Solveddos may be a good fit for that, but I dont' see a reference to PPS in their plans. Understanding the TYPE of DDOS you're experiencing is key to implementing a solution. Good luck.

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