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    HostGator DOWN again !

    I host a few websites in Hostgator
    this morning it has been for a few hours already and still not working. This is the 2nd time in 3 months that their servers have down. Last time it's been for a whole day !! Losing customers.
    Anyone suggest a better host, I am switching host. Hostgator used to be reliable, but doesn't seem to be now...

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    hmmm, how about ANYONE except HostGator...
    On a serious note, what are your needs, you will get better suggestions.

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    I am very sorry about your websites and your business.
    It really hurts very badly when you are losing customers because of others fault.

    Do you have any specific requirements like location, budget, WHMCS, end user support etc.

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    I too am suffering from two major Hostgator outages in recent months, and would like to find a more reliable host. My specific needs are 24/7 phone support, dedicated IP, Frontpage support and the ability to send outgoing email at a minimum rate of 6,000 per hour. I only send out about 15,000 emails per month, but when I do send, I need it to go out quickly.

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