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    Need help with an Amazon Banner Ad

    Frequently when I visit other sites I see Amazon bannter ads and they display the most recent products and prices I've recently viewed. What kind of Amazon ad banner is this?

    I'm an Amazon affiliate and would like to replicate the same code on our site. I've been an affiliate for over ten years and haven't yet stumbled upon this option in Amazon's various affiliate banner ads.

    Thanks for the help!
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    What u c is not amazon banner ad. That is Google ad and it called re-marketing. If u format uR desktop/laptop all uR cookies will be deleted and then u wont find anyone showing uR pre-visited products. Bcoz they cant track u then

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    see if they are Amazon "Omakase" ads
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    They're not Omakasee ads. We tried these years ago but their detection system seems to not be as accurate as Google Adsense for example.

    Does anyone know any ad programs that give you the option to use "rebranding" ads? For me, they always catch my eye when I see an ad for something I recently viewed on Amazon or another site. So this is something we'd like to implement.

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