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Online Backup The ability to backup up to 5 computers through a quiet and secure program that works in the background providing you with total access to your files no matter where you are.

Online Storage Allows you to easily access your files on any smart phone, tablet, PC or MAC device streaming you documents, files, music and even movies straight to any device! You are also able to securely and safely share files with friends, family and business colleagues through our customer software.

Ultimate Backup The best of both worlds Online Backup (with unlimited space) and Online Storage both combined to provide you with the best Online Backup and Online Storage Solution.

Why not try us out and if you don't like what you see then you can make full use of our 30day money back guarantee.

As we are based and store all of your data within our UK data centers we do not fall under the snooping eyes of the US government! - Store your files in confidence!

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"New-Backup are proud to announce we have been short listed for The Business and Community Awards (BACAs). More news to follow... "

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