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    Changing RAID Level

    I'm thinking of changing the RAID level on vault.bkpvault from RAID 10 to RAID 5, as this would give us 3 TB of additional disk space to use and save us from having to buy another server.

    At first I thought we'd just have to reinstall the RAID array and lose all data but then I came across this article:

    Do you think we'd be able to use the steps in the guide to switch the RAID level without losing data? It doesn't really matter if we do lose data, but if we can keep the data in there then that would be preferred.

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    I've never done it with an Adaptec - it will depend on your RAID solution and whether it support the ability to extend capacity.

    Theoretically migrating from RAID 10 to RAID 5 without data loss is possible. It basically swaps down from RAID10 to RAID 0, frees up the 2 spare drives, and then migrates the data across all 4 new drives in RAID5 and recalculates the parity as it migrates.

    If you don't really mind losing the data - then suck it and see.. Otherwise I'd advise backing up somewhere before hand.

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    Is it good to follow this link ? I haven't done this before.

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    That's a very simplistic overview.
    It will depend on your RAID controller. Some will want you to do it from the BIOS console. others may want you to use more sophisticated software on your desktop.

    One thing to note though - if you boot from your RAID - then BIOS is (most likely) the only method that can work as it takes quite a bit of time to do the safe data migration.

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    In my case RAID-5(blocked striped,Distributed parity) is the best array comapring

    RAID-10 (mirror+stripping).

    therodically its possible to migrate RAID-10 to RAID-5.but some risks are genrated
    the data might some percent would loss.

    Raid 10 you have another option… You can break the array, remove 2 drives, replace

    them with 2 larger ones, wait for the rebuild to finish, then break the other half

    of the array, replace with larger drives, resize your array and your parition, and

    You can replace the drives with little to no downtime. It even allows you to keep 2

    drives in storage as backups while the array is being copied.

    but you dont try similer to raid-5.In that case replacing 1 drive at a time… but

    because of the failure rate, and speed at which the duplication happens… I would be

    very very concerned if something went wrong. I am also not sure how well raid cards

    handle scaling up Raid-5 when adding new devices.

    If you might be concious your losing data then dont make it this chance.

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