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    OpenVZ control panel advice

    I am looking for a control panel for OpenVZ which supports IPv6. Nothing fancy needed, just need to be able to perform power management operations, reinstalls, and, if possible, enable/disable TUN/TAP, PPP, and IPtables. Though the last one is not a necessity.
    I am looking for something which is either free, or very cheap. I've tried Openvz-web-panel, but the lack of bandwidth management options drove me away from it. They've been postponing the addition of a traffic graphing and management feature for 3 years now.
    I'd buy SolusVM if this was for commercial use, but I need this panel for a free VPS service, and I don't want to spend $10 per month on a control panel.
    Also, I only have 30 containers, and I don't want to format my server, I just want to install the panel as an addon, and I don't want the panel to take over my server and require me to do a fresh install of my operating system on the server.
    Also, the server is on CentOS, so please suggest something compatible with CentOS. Again, don't need anything too fancy, functionality is my main goal.

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    Why not go with Solusvm? Its affordable and having a great Interface.
    HyperVM is another free alternative.
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    I don't want to go with SolusVM as I am offering a free VPS service, and I don't want to add the cost of this license to my monthly costs.
    I prefer to use SolusVM for commercial offerings.
    HyperVM just doesn't work for me, causes hundreds of errors during installation, and it doesn't support IPv6.

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    Went with Solus after all.

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    PRoxmox is the way to go.

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