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    Good Reseller Hosting in New Zealand

    I'm looking for reliable reseller hosting in New Zealand. I've tried Googling but it's very difficult to find reliable reviews (I found one review site which ranked Crazy Domains 2nd!!).

    Here are our requirements:

    - Good support (reply same day)
    - Able to host 100+ sites
    - cPanel for each site
    - Unlimited MySQL databases
    - PhpMyAdmin
    - $30-40 per month (NZD)
    - DNS management for domains so can easily update nameserves/A Records/MX Records if required

    That's all I can think of for now!

    Any help would be massively appreciated!

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    you maybe better off getting your own VPS server with cPanel but your budget might need to go up a bit unless USA hosting would be an alternative.
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    I was told that I should look at reseller hosting as opposed to VPS in this thread:

    And I'm not too bothered where the hosting is based - I just want it to perform well in New Zealand and offer good support, including during NZ day time hours.

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    Hosting 100 sites? Yeah, better go high-end VPS or dedicated.
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    Depends on what kind of websites you want to run on it? just HTML or like more dynamic?
    and good support in hosting means replying in few minutes.
    NZ is expensive, you may want to try West Coast?
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    Sadly most of the bigger NZ companies doing reseller hosting don't tend to use cPanel and/or have very low resource limits.

    Do you require the servers to be in New Zealand or just the company?
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    Thanks for your replies guys. The sites all run WordPress (so all run on PHP and need a database). We are not at 100+ sites yet, but should reach this level within the next 12 months or so.

    As I said above, I don't mind where the hosting company is based - I just want one with good support, bearing in mind that NZ office hours are very different to US due to timezone.

    And when I say good support, I mean that they reply at least within the same day, preferably sooner. My expectations of support have been skewed massively by Crazy Domains who reply to a ticket after 3/4 days or not at all sometimes.

    If anyone can recommend any suitable reseller providers it would be great - wherever they are based.

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    Can anyone recommend anyone? Just a good reseller hosting company...?

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