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    Where to find video content producers?

    Hi folks,

    In the past year or so, we've been experimenting with video advertisements to promote our speciality consumer e-commerce site. We've also started incorporating video into parts of our website (product pages/blog) and our analytics suggest it improves our conversion rates although it is early days.

    The videos we have produced so far are pretty basic. The advertisements are a simple 15 second video which highlights some of our products, with background music and narration. The videos on our website consist of a staff member demonstrating and talking about key products features.

    We think we could get some good results from more creative/professional content but our budget doesn't yet stretch to the prices charged by professional studios.
    I'd like to know where other small online businesses go to get video content produced. Are they doing it in-house, using freelancers, working with professional studios ($$$), or elsewhere?

    Any pointers would be appreciated!


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    have you considered contacting owners of good youtube channels?

    might find some good amateurs there.
    Sneaky Little Hobbitses

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    I would give fiverr a go too.

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