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    * openvz - Monitoring VE's - Load is important?


    I written a bash script which get from all nodes vzlist -o veid,laverage and report if a VE has too much load.

    But: When i already limit the CPU usage of the VE's to 10% i think the load is not meaningful about overloading the node, correct? It just say that the CPU which is dedicated to the ve is overloaded but not the node?

    If the VE has a load of 10, get the load of the node increased by the node because there is a large cpu queue of one ve or does this not increase the node load?

    And i think if the load on the node get higher trough the high load on the node it not must say automatically that the node is overloaded. The important value is the CPU usage of the node, is this correct?

    So if load on node is 20 because one VE is overloaded and the used cpu is only 15%, then nothing is overloaded, right?

    Is there a option to get a value how much % of cpu the VE takes from the node? in user_beancounters is no such value.

    I am happy about a detailed answer. Thanks a lot!

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    you want to use nodewatch
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    I didnt knew nodewatch, but my script makes the same and i like to write my own stuff because its specifically to my needs. Also my script is not only for checking openvz and i dont want to use 2 systems.

    And nodewatch does not answer my questions


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