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    How to Migrate from Shared server with cPanel to New server with cPanel

    Hello all,

    I need a help from you all, i'm planning to migrate 3 of my website from shared hosting account to a new server both using cPanel.

    I want to move everything without a huge downtime. i want all my website email, database,website directory etc... (lets say FULL or COMPLETE)

    Kindly help me out here or share some tutorials

    Thanks in advance.
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    If you have SSH access on both servers then you make backups with cPanel and move to public_html directory and use SSH command wget on new server.

    If no SSH access, then the cPanel backup/restore would be best as this will make a backup of everything, including all email and ftp accounts etc.
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    If you have Root Access on New Server, Best soultion is to login to your shared hosting Cpanel, then go to Backup Wizard Option and Generate Full Website Backup. Once backup generated, go to File Manager => Home Directory and move that file to Public_html folder, and change the permissions to 0644. Then you can access your backup file through

    Now login to your New Server SSH, and type
    cd /home
    And then type
    wget http://URL of Backup File
    Do that with all three websites.

    Now login to WHM of new Server and go to Full Backup/Website Restore Option, you can fine all three website backups there so you can restore with usernames of these accounts.

    Everything will be restored including email accounts, databases, files etc.
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    Do you have root access to new server ? if yes easiest way is,
    Copy an Account From Another Server With an Account Password
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    If you have root access on the new server, follow this

    Otherwise backup the shared hosting account from cPanel

    You can remote backup to the new server directly from cPanel and have the person with root access restore it for you.

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    Thank you all for your reply, i will try these method and update you guys... really appreciate ya'll help

    Thank you
    Learn a lot in WHT many expert have helped me out...

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