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    * [] Linux VPS from $2.28/month - Native IPv6 - 1000Mbps Uplinks

    Many of our competitors oversell to lower their prices, degrading service quality. We simply remove unrequired expenses. We are Virtual6, we provide affordable Linux VPS solutions to meet even the most demanding requirements. Prices start at just $2.28/month.

    NO SUPPORT: We offer billing, network and hardware support only. Management at the operating system level is not included by default.

    BLANK CANVAS: We provide automated power and re-install options. If you happen to break something you can simply start again without our assistance.

    TRUSTWORTHY: No 100% uptime or magic fairy dust, we simply promise to monitor our network 24/7 and do everything in our power to keep you online and running smoothly.

    We utilize a dual stack network in Kansas City which offers us native IPv4 + IPv6 routing with bandwidth provided by Hurricane Electric and Cogent Communications. For network testing please use which is available for v4 and v6 requests and is hosted on one of our VZ25616 specifications. Our hardware deployments currently consist of the following:

    • Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 CPU
    • 32GB DDR3/ECC RAM
    • 4x 1TB HDD
    • Local RAID-10 Storage
    • 1000Mbps Uplink

    256MB RAM
    512MB VSWAP
    16GB RAID-10 HDD
    1x vCPU Core Access (Shared)
    400GB Bandwidth (1000Mbps Uplink)

    Monthly Price (With IPv6 only): $2.28
    Monthly Price (With IPv6 + IPv4): $3.31
    Click here to configure


    512MB RAM
    1024MB VSWAP
    32GB RAID-10 HDD
    2x vCPU Core Access (Shared)
    800GB Bandwidth (1000Mbps Uplink)

    Monthly Price (With IPv6 only): $4.20
    Monthly Price (With IPv6 + IPv4): $5.23
    Click here to configure

    Instead of boring you with marketing words and sales pitches we welcome you to visit our website or contact us for further information, we will be happy to assist you.
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    Virtual6 - UK Dedicated Servers, Colocation and VPS.
    UK Supermicro Xeon E3-1240v3 Dedicated servers, up to 4x drives, 8GB - 32GB RAM.
    European KVM VPS with guaranteed vCPU, Auto DDoS detection & mitigation, Proxmox VE 3.x control panel.

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