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    * I can't "addon" .de domain to a US Webhoster? / Webhoster without nameserver check?


    I had tried to addon a "de" domain at a U.S. webspace.
    Free Web space from Byethost.

    Byethost requires that the name servers are set before I can add the domains.
    This is impossible with. De-domains.
    The authority for de-domains "denic" requires the opposite way.
    Befor the "denic" changes the name server, the domain name must be add on.

    This is a terrible dilemma.

    Are there any free host where it is possible to addon domains without having previously set the name servers?

    Tobias Claren

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    As DWS2006 pointed out, this is the wrong forum.

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    @ DWS2006

    This is a particular problem.
    No free or paid host advertises, if he check not the nameservers before add a domain.

    It does not matter whether free or paid.
    In future, I will use a paid Webspace.
    The problem apparently affects every U.S. web host.
    Or not? Is this usual?

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    Most paid hosting providers do NOT require any NS changes before purchase. Typically, you purchase the hosting package first and then set the NS values based on the account welcome email. - Take Control Of Your Backups!
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    OK, this is a information.
    But why not on free hosters?
    OK, I will ask for a free hoster without this problem in the other forum.
    Is there a chance?

    For now, I only need web space for a 301 forwarding.
    Free web space is probably sufficient for this purpose. I just need a little space for the ".htaccess" file.

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    This problem is not because they are a free host. You may find that paid hosts are more sympathetic to your needs, and they may have better support.

    The problem is that hosts can, if they so wish, set things up so that domains can only be set as add-ons when the nameservers are set up already. It's a bad decision for a host to take, because you wouldn't want to change nameservers until you've set the hosting up correctly. But they can do it.

    You're right that this is not something hosts commonly publicise. If you ask them before signing up, they should tell you. If they don't answer your question, that would give you another reason not to use them. You'll have to find a host you like and send them an e-mail to ask them.

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