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    * Simple Photo Script for Testimonials


    I looked all over the place but can't find what I'm looking for.

    I have a client that wants a testimonials page but doesn't know much more than squat about html or computers. He wants to enter the testimonials he gets himself. Each one will have an image. I thought about using a photo gallery script for that.

    In one column there would be a title in bold, beneath that would be the testimonial. (As many paragraphs as he needs and text formatting.) To the right of each testimonial we want an image. Doesn't have to enlarge but would be nice.

    Anybody know of a simple script that I can snag to do that? All of the ones I've seen are too fancy and complicated for him. He just wants to enter a title, description in the next box and upload the image which will be sized to a standard width of about 250px.


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    wordpress ?
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