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    where to advertise my hosting?

    hello guys where can i advertise my hosting to increase my earnings?

    ps why are my posts being deleted?

    thanks for any help

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    WHT is one of the best place to advertise web hosting services.
    You should check other webmaster forums also like

    Also check facebook marketing.
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    WHT is always a good place to start, check your account level and you can see how many offer posts you can make in the ad's section. You might also want to set some alerts on your account to flag when people mention your company so you can post on those threads and expand your exposure on the WHT community.

    You can also increase your exposure with SEO and online ad campaigns, utilizing other social media outlets (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.). Just be active and you should naturally increase your businesses footprint.

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    This is a very good question,
    I am curious to see what answers you get

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    Quote Originally Posted by Codestation View Post
    ps why are my posts being deleted?
    If that's happening you would need to open a ticket with the helpdesk to discuss it. You can do so by clicking here.
    There's no such thing as an unmanaged server - It's actually self-managed. Worth remembering next time you're looking for someone to complain to.
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    There is no better place for that than WHT. Trust me.
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    WHT and digitalpoint is best place to advertise web hosting services...

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    WHT is the best place. Other forums are good as well but not as good as WHT. Ad campaigns also help like facebook / adwords / ect..
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    Best place is the heart of the community.

    Hosting = Webhostingtalk

    VPS Hosting = WHT & VPSBoard

    Minecraft servers = Minecraftforum
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    Best place to start is WHT. and other forums can be a bit helpful as well.
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    At first, you can advertise in Forums like WHT, Hostsearch, then you can proceed on free Press Release, Classifieds, Blog, and etc. Or maybe you can try advertising using FB Ads and Google Adwords, which will cost you.

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    Advertising depends on what kind of audience you expect.
    For example if you offer specialized hosting for a community like church or Band I would suggest advertising on those platforms.
    If you want to sell reseller hosting, I would suggest advertising on web designing platforms/websites.
    Advertising for shared hosting can really be tricky, from forums to blogs to local news websites anything can be your advertising platform.

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    Did you try the yellow pages?
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    You can can advertise using following channels:

    1.Google Adwords
    5.Local search engines
    6.Try using google products.
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    As you being a new member, i suggest you take a look a the big list of rules they have

    And see if any of it conflicts . Or i think wht staff can give you a better reason

    Advertise locally if you are a new startup is what i felt . Even i don't have any experience, but all the members in here might give you a better suggestion

    I see the advertising forum where all the offer's go . Check it out !

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    I personally think the best places to advertise are forums such as this one (WHT) and even digitalpoint .. There are many other forums but some just be too dead.

    Next you can advertise locally. Do this by printing flyers and handing them out and posting them up. You can also walk door to door and offer your services to business. Local is a great place to advertise because think about it how many hosting company's are near you?

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    Web hosting talk, Digital Point and other search forum best for advertising the forum

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