SupportSkins provides high quality skinning for your existing Kayako product to match its design to your existing website design.

We provide you a complete range of services; whether it involves installing/upgrading the software, skin or customizing your software to match your existing website layout as well as customizing your Kayako email templates.

These are URLs to some of the work we have done for our clients:

What is the difference between the template customization services offered by you and the services offered by others?

We at SupportSkins make sure we match every single aspect of the Kayako software to your existing website design covering all the requirements of our clients. This not only involves changing the Kayako header and footer replacing them with your existing website footer and header. We make sure the text, the side panel and every other aspects of the software match your design. We do not use iframes to just display Kayako within your website design nor do we advise to use them.

To give you a better idea you can have a look at our clients support desk whose templates we customized to match their existing website:



Helpdesk: (extensive customization, paid more than the listed price)



More examples of our work can be found in these Kayako forum threads:

Skin customization -
Email customization -

Customization such as these requires much more detailed work then simply replacing the header, footer and software widget icons. Above all, you are entitled to 90 days of free upgrade period for the changed templates.

Besides customization services, we also provide professional support - both email and phone support.

We also offer software upgrade, installation and transfer at a very reasonable rate!

SupportSkins is excited to announce its services to provide responsive email designing for all Kayako emails!

A growing percentage of your subscribers are reading your messages on an iPhone, tablet or similar. In a study conducted by a leading firm about 20% of the emails are opened on a mobile device of which iOS accounted for around 90%. That number is constantly increasing making a dire need to optimize emails for mobile devices.

We successfully implemented this in one of our clients helpdesk whose screenshots can be found below (Clients vital information has been blurred out due to security reasons)

Screenshots for the responsive emails can be found in the thread on the Kayako forums - Link

For any queries please feel free to contact our Sales Department.