EU COLO 10/100/1000Mbps / 10Gbps UNMETERED -1st month free - starting at 26/month

(new orders only)


Prepay offers
All orders prepaid for 2 months will receive 3 months of service
All orders prepaid for 9 months will receive 12 months of service

CEU Servers now accepts BITCOINS and other CRYPTO currencies as a payment method

BitCoin address: 1NG2S32gihZ7m7djZ3BhXGFKaEY5veE6WR

Quantity orders
Colocate 10 or more individual servers or rent 5 racks at the same time and get additional 20% OFF

ORDER BEFORE November 27th and receive 1st month free of charge and also get up to 100 credit toward your shipping cost (receipt)


Contact us with a competing quote or a link to a competitors website and we will offer either

#better price for the same specs
#better specs for the same price
# more bandwidth for the same price

Inquire about our reseller program offering discount up to 25% when buying 5 and more servers at [email protected]

FREE SERVER ASSEMBLY until December 2013

Simply order parts online and have them shipped to us or we can pick them up our local vendor.
Our techs will assemble your server FREE OF CHARGE !!!
You will save money on shipping and you can save even more by building a tower case server !!!
Contact [email protected] for more details

Our Baker shelves support up to 24 MID tower cases or up to 72 ITX cases (great for ATOM servers).

Single server up to 4U or a tower

10Mbps unmetered .....26/month
100Mbps unmetered ...54/month
1Gbps unmetered .......99/month

100W of power ........15/month

42U RACK or BAKER shelves (will fit 24 ATX towers or up to 72 ITX atom cases)

10Mbps unmetered ....99/month
100Mbps unmetered 149/month
1Gbps metered ........299/month

100W of power .....15/month

Clients with their own IP space can have their address space announced FREE of charge

Operating systems:
* Ubuntu FREE
* Debian FREE
* Windows Server 2003/2008 Web 10/month
* Windows Server 2003/2008 Standard 17/month
* Windows Server 2003/2008 Enterprise 48/month
* Windows Server 2008 Datacenter 41/month
* Custom Linux and Unix distros available upon request

Control Panels:
* Plesk (Linux and Windows) - unlimited domains 17/month
* Cpanel (Linux) - unlimited domains 17/month
* Direct Admin (Linux) - unlimited domains 3/month
* HELM 4 (Windows) - unlimited domains 17/month

Prices are excluding 21% VAT (you only pay VAT if you live in The European Union).


IPv4 addresses - /29 included FREE of charge
IPv6 Addresses - are free /48 per customer with /64 routed for each server

IRC - is allowed

CHECK OUR SPEED TEST & TRACEROUTE at http://lg.ceuservers.net/

Support - All servers are unmanaged. We have 24x7 staff available via
web based helpdesk. We offer free reboots, free OS reinstalls and free
help if you lose remote connectivity to your server.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order :
- existing customers please open up a ticket through your CRM account
- new customers, please contact: [email protected]