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    Gandi still in business?

    Hi all, thanks to reviews and feedback from this site, I've been using Gandi for a while now, however for last two days their sites have been down, and all email services have stopped. Is there anyone here who know's what's happened to them?

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    Are you referring to

    If so, works fine for me on:

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    Interesting... it's hanging for me.
    Also can't connect to mail servers.

    Tried on couple of machines and smart phones.

    Thanks for quick reply - looks like something geographical

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    They definitely still in business.

    But I received this email few days ago:

    Dear Simple Hosting Customer,

    As many of you know, there have been issues with Simple Hosting
    instances in recent days. In particular, the instances have been
    suffering Internet connectivity problems.

    After some time, we were able to identify the cause of these problems,
    and we do take full responsibility for them. There were issues with our
    monitoring, and this masked the issue and slowed down our analysis and
    eventual resolution.

    The actual issue involved a capacity threshold with the NAT gateways.
    These gateway machines, which provide connectivity to the Internet
    for the Simple Hosting instances, were all precipitously saturated.
    What you saw was a 503 error on your instance.

    Our initial response was to refine the monitoring thresholds for
    detecting this type of capacity exhaustion. This refinement is continuing,
    and will give us the ability to respond to this problem much more quickly
    in future.

    Complete remediation of the issue will require another task to be
    completed: We will need to replace the gateways with units better suited
    to your use of Simple Hosting. We will need to choose a solution that is
    compatible with our platform and robust enough to handle the growth we
    are seeing, and then install, test, configure, and instantiate these new
    This means that while we are dealing with the problem, we will still
    require a few weeks to completely resolve it, and see these errors
    vanish permanently.

    We do expect that the improvements in monitoring will allow us to
    proactively manage the issue and minimize it's impact in the meantime.

    We want you to know that we are doing this work to improve the Simple
    Hosting service, and that we take the issue seriously.
    We will be extending the contract of all Simple Hosting customers who
    were current as of last Monday by one week as some small compensation
    for the errors you may have seen.

    We appreciate your patience with this.
    The Gandi Team.

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    Works fine for me!

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    Hi thanks for your replies - this seems to be a problem with Windows 7 (I think) on a couple of my PCs! I can access gandi website via it's ip address -, but no chance via domain name, however domain name works on my iphone!

    Perhaps as a short term fix I could use ip address of mail servers...

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    No issues for me either...

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    **Issue Resolved**

    After searching up and down all manner of posts on netbios and dns issues, I discovered that somehow or another, new dns server addresses had been entered into my network settings on both machines, and these for some reason would not resolve

    I set dns servers to point to google's public dns (, 2001:4860:4860::8888), and is resolved. (and imap access is also restored).

    Very strange problem, if it happens to anyone here, you know what to do!

    [also, cmd prompt >> nslookup is invaluable in solving dns issues!]

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