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    New Joomla 3.2 release adds encryption feature, streamlines interface and a lot more!

    After joomla recently rolled out 3.0 which was a massive release, now they are updating to 3.2 with even more features.

    There is a pre-view article on WHIR :

    What do you think about Joomla's progress?
    How would you compare today's Joomla 3.0 and 3.2 to WordPress?
    Are they equal rivals in your opinion or one has a significant advantage over the other with its features?

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    yes, new Joomla is having lots of features, it's loaded with the things, updated the existing Joomla installation, hope it will work smoothly

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    Yes J3.x is great, personally i don't fit with WP, mostly cos i'm using Joomla from 2008.

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    The fact that they made some pretty significant security changes says a lot. It was becoming a ridiculous issue that needed addressing with the exploits.
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    Greatest features for responsive and more...

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    I have to check out this new version, I have been using Joomla for years!

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