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    cheap hosting in india .

    Hello . i am from India and I need the cheapest hosting .
    i am running a standard HTML site . 10-25 visitor daily .
    Pls Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vk112 View Post
    Hello . i am from India and I need the cheapest hosting .
    i am running a standard HTML site . 10-25 visitor daily .
    Pls Help

    You need to specify what is cheapest for you. How much is your budget?

    You need to be specific so members can suggest or recommend.
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    What is your budget per month. Those number of visitors are enough to buy best hosting services.
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    I think based on your requirement you can get hosting for around a $1/month.
    Just browse through them, I am sure you will get it since your requirements are not very huge.
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  5. first of you can host anywhere in the world you don't need to host it in India only.
    any shared basic plan can fulfill you requirement (i.e. standard HTML site . 10-25 visitor daily) you don't need any fancy thing just simple basic shared hosting plan.

    IMO bluehost, hostgator, justhost are the best.

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    171 is the best shared hosting provider in India.
    I have been hosting my forum and blog with them and no issues at all.

    Support is also good
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    ^^ I would rather ask him to stay away from bluehost/hostgator on account of negative reviews/feedback on WHT.

    @OP : I would recommend I have been using them for 2-3 years now (hosting a few sites with them). Never needed any support, almost no downtime (none that me or my clients ever noticed) and very vfm plans (starting from Rs 299/- per year).
    Depending on your requirements, you can select a suitable plan.
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    If you're looking Indian based hosting, and the target is for Indian, you can try Leapswitch.

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    You can try Resellerclub hosting in India - Since 2012. Web Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Servers in more than 10 locations
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    you can try leapswitch shared hosting Economy 1 package which is rs499 per year only and contact the provider weather they meet your requirements

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    What's your budget Vk?

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    Leapswitch is the choice

    don't think about another hosting provider or search, because Leapswitch have their own datacenter and that shared hosting in SSD based, so you get high performance compared to other providers

    None of the indian providers have ssd based shared hosting. only Leapswitch have
    Simple and awesome

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