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    Exclamation 123Systems Solutions not responding to Tickets

    I just signed up with 123Systems Solutions ie this past Saturday. The server installed after 12 hours instead of instantly like they advertised. Then for about 16 hours it was up while I customized it to my needs. Then it went down around Noon CST on Sunday and hasn't come back since. I have created two support tickets in regard to the situation which are 123-S4K0G-PXT and 123-T6B7U-JDA.

    I thought maybe I fubarred my installation so I reinstalled it, no change, it will not boot.

    I need help please.

    123Andrew if you see this, help me. thanks.

    Anyone having issues with these guys? is it a fluke?
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    Well I just made a quick search on the company on WHT and here's what showed up. ( These look like generally bad reviews to me, I'd try and move to a different hosting solution immediately, considering you've already had problems with them.
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    Did you try to call them? Is the VPS completely down? Are you able to ping it at all?

    If the VPS has a control panel (SolusVM or anything similar) are you able to see the VPS status there?|Virtual Private Servers|Dedicated Servers|
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    I guess they are using SolusVM so you may check your VPS status from the control panel and try connect via VNC to see what's going on?
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    Just move on from them
    They have a lot of bad review
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    You are not the first to report this. Just a simple search on WHT would show that this is a regular thing with them. Make sure you have a backup and move away.

    If you need recommendations on hosting providers, open a separate thread with your specifications.

    - Daniel
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    I'd highly recommend ServerHub as a replacement.
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    I saw someone recommended to hit them up a twitter in another thread, I did that and then the problems were resolved immediately. So, apparently they monitor their twitter feed heavily and the ticket system not so much, how ironic.
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    Your ticket has been updated with additional information and your issue should now be resolved.

    We apologize for the delay in ticket responses as we are currently working to migrate our operations over to the new Datacenter.

    Information regarding the migration to the new DC can be found here. As I see you mentioned you were a new customer and may not have been aware of the move that is currently in-progress.

    Thank you.
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    I was aware of it because of the Text. However it sounded like hyperbole to me when after 4 hours there was not response other than automated response. Even so, I kept adding more information to the ticket afterwards as I discovered new information ... still no response.

    I found out through these forums that you were a moderator here. I noticed that when people called on your name like Alec Baldwin & Geena Davis in "BeetleJuice" that you helped them. For that very reason I became a member of this site so that I communicate with you. However, you didn't respond as I'd hoped.

    One of the members earlier in this thread suggest I search for problems with your company. After reading some of the issues that seemed like they were related to mine I noticed that one of the respondents mentioned you guys actually follow your twitter feed and to try it. So, I did, and immediately I was helped.

    Now we are as right as rain and I'm happy.

    I don't know if you already do, but at least have someone read the tickets and let us know that they feel our pain until the appropriate level technician can help them. The robotic auto-responder feels so clinical. Talking to your customer will go a great way in improving your ratings. Another thing you might consider is to add a phone number to the contact section. Further, Tweeting, should be an option on your support page and probably should be emphasized. Perhaps modify the language to say, "After submitting your ticket, for faster results tweet us your ticket number".

    Those are my 2 cents and thank you for all of your help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adattrac View Post
    I'd highly recommend ServerHub as a replacement.
    Heh, I use supreme servers for my website hosting, they're much lower priced than ServerHub and really responsive in the ticket system.

    However, I kind of knew what I was stepping into here, because I leased a "clearance vps". But in that regard, I didn't realize how of it was really stepping in to.

    That said, I'm really happy with the service now that it is working.
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    I think if you are not getting the service you paid for, my suggestion is look somewhere else. If your server is down and they are not even updating you or letting you know what's going on, that isn't right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kreezxil View Post
    Even so, I kept adding more information to the ticket afterwards as I discovered new information ... still no response.
    Therein lies a problem within itself. Updating tickets tends to make them "newer".... So they move down the queue, and as a result they get answered later. It's a fact of life of ticket systems.

    Quote Originally Posted by kreezxil View Post
    That said, I'm really happy with the service now that it is working.
    Great to hear!

    There's no such thing as an unmanaged server - It's actually self-managed. Worth remembering next time you're looking for someone to complain to.
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