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    do not trust

    I was charged a monthly charge for some type of email service I did not request nor want.
    then after I sent them multiple emails stating I did not want to renew my domains, guess what.. they did it anyways.
    so I called them and spent an hour with the tech and his supervisor. neither one would offer any help or give me back my $76 bucks. That's right people they go ahead and charge you $38 per domain renewal without your consent. be aware, they have your credit card number. I now have my credit card company after them for criminal actions.
    there are many sites that you can purchase a domain name or renew it other than this scam company.
    here is another complaint I found on this company:
    I have been with Register.Com for approx. 5 years and have found them, up until the most recent renewal, to be responsive, honest and fairly reliable. However, Register.Com along with NetWork Solutions have been bought out by Web.Com. Since then, the service has gone down hill. They sell you a package and then claim they didn't do so. As a result, our company's website has disappeared, despite the fact, we renewed the same package we have had with for the last 5 years. We weren't even notified this was going to happen. To add insult to injury, you can't even get a response from Register.Com to discuss the matter. Sandy Ross, VP at Register.Com has always responded to difficulties that would arise and solutions were found. This is not the case now. After, at least a half dozen attempts, I continue to get the response: "This matter will be attended to soon." My attempt to contact the CEO of, Mr. David Brown, has been ignored. Mr. Brown appears to be more interested in his million dollar salary and the stock price of Web.Com than he is in leading a company which provides good and honest service.

    so............... they were bought out and now not worth a damned

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    Do they have any cancellation policy? You should look at that first.
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    I have used this company before and I dont trust them either they had a offer and they tried to charge more than what the offer was.

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