Hi folks,

Tired of slow and long backup routines via tar/gzip/zip/ftp/rsync?

Say hello to CDP(Continuous Data Protection) Backups from Idera/R1Soft! (We're an Idera/R1Soft Hosting Partner).


Server Backup Agents:
1 - 9 @ 5.00/month
10 - 49 @ 4.50/month
50+ @ 4.00/month

VM Backup Agents @ 1.50/month

To order please use: https://www.opensourcehostingsolutio...art.php?gid=95


How to setup:

1.) You need access to an IDERA/R1Soft CDP Server (where backups are stored). If you have your own hardware, you can download it and install it for free. If you don't have your own hardware, we offer highly competitive prices.
2.) Download and install the CDP agent on your Linux/Windows server.
3.) Edit backup configuration on CDP server
4.) Run initial seed backup (will take a few hours)
5.) Then watch your backup windows last a couple of hours less than your previous backup system! (typically a few mins depending on how much data has changed)
6.) Browse your backup files with multiple recovery points

For specific product information/system requirements please refer to R1Soft.com

If you already have existing licenses from another supplier, show us your invoice and we'll gladly beat their price!

Please us know if you have any further questions.