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    Looking for a US East Coast Dedicated Server

    Hey chaps and ladies, I'm in need of a Dedicated Server for Game Hosting, the game I'm aiming at for this server is called "Mount&Blade: Napoleonic Wars". I'm doing a "little" experiment, I myself provide Game Servers to FSEGames.EU community (the community of Napoleonic Wars) and I've been asked to start some servers in the US of A; therefor I thought I'll give it a try.

    Here are my preferred specs:

    AMD based Processor around 4-8 cores total at quite a decent GHz; I myself use AMD FX-4100 Quad Core on my personal Computer and it is an absolute goddess at running this game. I am willing to settle for an Intel based Processor.

    16GB DRR3 RAM Minimum

    Minimum 100GB SSD or a 1TB Standard HDD

    Network needs to be very decent and at minimum 100mbit with 10 or 20tb Bandwidth (I much prefer a 1Gbp/s connection)

    Multiple Choices of Linux distributes.

    Budget: 100 / $160 a month (can be upped)

    I'm mainly considering but if you can give some more suggestions with your personal experience (if any) would be great.

    Thank you!
    Jordan W.K. White.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordan White View Post
    I'm mainly considering

    Thanks for considering us. I would highly recommend an Intel processor, especially for game servers. These run circles around AMD based processors.

    Intel Xeon E3 1230:

    AMD FX-4100:

    The Intel processor is twice as fast with the same core count and not much difference in clock speed.
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    I second that, I've had a really hard time phasing any of the Intel E3's. I can't speak to ReliableSites support, but I have a server in the same facility and on the same network and have had no downtime.

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    +1 for Intel proc. With your budget you should be able to find what you're looking for that will give great performance. Many gaming customers opt for the Intel E3-1230/40/70 based servers. A lot of bang for your buck in terms of the processor.

    Best of luck!
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    Intel is definitely the way to go, especially with today's pricing for E3 line with the latest v3 generation. - High Bandwidth Specialists - 100TB/1Gbps/10Gbps Unmetered/CDN/DDOS Protected
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    Still looking, anyone willing to share is appreciated.

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    Definitely go with the Intel processor as others has suggested, have you checked out the offer section? that would be the best place to look, good luck with your hunt.

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    Are you still looking due to interest in finding particular processor or things didn't go well with the provider you signed up?
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    I've used for over a year. They had me at great service. You really can't go wrong with them. I host gameservers for a community aswell and use to host a mount & blade warband on the box with them with no issues at all. I still use the server for my other games.
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    As everyone has noted, definitely switch to using an Intel CPU for the server(s) you pickup, you will deifnitely be satisfied with them and you'll receive a lot better performance for what you pay. Note John's benchmark posts.

    If you do switch to Intel, it doesn't sound like you're looking for anything crazy so definitely check out the E3-1230 or the E3-1270 (I believe Reliable sells the v3 of both).

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