More Details
On November 1st 2013 we launched the DDoS Protected VPS plans. Until now, we tuned firewalls in production mode, to reach best performance, but still be able to block attacks. Our clients have been attacked from the first day. We successfully blocked all attacks before reaching the nodes and VPS.

How it works?
We use Voxility's bulk 500Gbps DDoS protection together with an enterprise class DDoS protection infrastructure being able to detect and block even Layer 7 attacks.
The traffic schema is:
Internet -- Voxility's bulk 500Gbps Protection -- Enterprise firewalls -- Nodes -- VPS

What attack types can we block?
Practically any attack type can be blocked: large DNS amplificated UDP attacks, small smart packets attacks that looks almost exactly like normal packets, SYN, HTTP, GET, POST, normal UDP flood and others. Suspicious traffic is inspected by our firewalls, blocked and reported.

For what can be used our DDoS protected VPS?
Especially for often attack targets like: camfrog, websites, game servers, mc and others. If there is a new Layer 7 attack not being detected, we can add new signatures anytime, needing just a short packet analysis.

More informations on website: or by e-mail: [email protected]