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    Hetzner vs Serverloft. Whats the best host?


    Im looking to buy a server in Germanny and after been looking around im trying to decide between going with Hetzner or Serverloft.

    So does anyone has experience with both companies? If yes, what company do you find to be overall better?

    Im specially interested in the quality of the network, servers and hardware support.


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    I believe Serverloft has some better support since Hetzner is more on unamanaged provider but not sure with the network though.
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    If its all about quality server, network & hardware support then go with hetzner

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    Don't know about Serverloft, but Hetzner is OK.

  5. Had a defective HDD with one of our nodes hosted with Hetzner and after submitting proper ticket, it got replaced within 10mins, cant complain.
    But their servers are unmanaged, keep this in mind if you go with them.
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    Hetzner is good, but they have a strict 30 ip limit, if that's something that's important to you such as using one for hosting.

    Serverloft I don't have any experience with.

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    We are using both of the providers.

    Cons about Hetzner are, their servers are not branded (like HP, Dell). Now they have some branded servers but their prices are high. Their Flexi pack is sometimes expensive for you.

    Pros about Hetzner are, they have failover ip support and their api and documentation is much better than Serverloft.

    Cons about Serverloft is, their configs are limited.

    We had some hardware issues on both providers, they will replace faulty hardware very fast.

    I think Hetzner may be a bit expensive but both providers are ok and i will recommend them.

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    We was use both serverloft & Hetzner.

    Both are same.
    Hetzner has good support then serverloft.
    Serverloft has good network and hardware.
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    When I see questions like this, I always recommend Hetzner. This is because I know them already three years. During this time I've use as VPS as dedicated servers.

    And all the time i've got just good support and service. I think they have one of the best ratio quality/money on the market.

    So I can recommend this company to you. Unfortunately, I know nothing about second company that you mentioned.

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