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    Shared Hosting Server - Best CSF conf

    Hi all,

    Anyone got an example of ports to allow/deny that is ideal for a shared server?

    Currently using CSF with ports allowed for cPanel etc..

    Get a few issues with customers trying to connect to external db's etc on non stadard ports. Do you even block out going?

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    Yes, It's highly recommended to filter both inbound & outbound connections. You just need to open the ports that you are using and what is needed for everything to function properly and nothing else.

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    Well, the best bet is to use the appropriate CSF template and then update/modify as you require for your situation.
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    You only need to keep open the ports your server services need it otherwise you should close it. If your customer need some non-standard port to open, you should ensure the port is not used for malicious purpose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cerrie View Post
    Get a few issues with customers trying to connect to external db's etc on non stadard ports. Do you even block out going?
    Yes - also highly recommend block outgoing. You can specifically enable those ports you want to allow out. A block on outgoing prevents a lot of exploits from working, as when they try to "dial home" they can't connect.

    You could enable port 3306 (MySQL) to certain locations, but a more secure way to do it is to put the IP you are connecting to into csf.allow (or run csf -a IP), which enables connection to all ports on that server. I believe you can allow just one port through as well; also you can allow dynamic DNS addresses through a different mechanism (csf.dyndns file I believe).

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    I recommend to filter inbound, outbound is required by some application to update, to call web service, etc ... Furthermore, too many rules will slow down your network performance.

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