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    game proxy

    I was looking for a more powerful game-performance (latency reduction, packetloss reduction) proxy service suitable for gaming than say battleping. But to my surprise, I haven't been able to find one.

    Anyone know of a good multi-path (software-based router that tries multiple paths and multiple packets before delivery to final destination). If not, how big is the market for this kind of thing? I might be able to code one up but not sure if it's worth my time.

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    smoothping does something similar I believe.

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    Actually I looked into the coding side and it might be beyond my abilities (well, at least to do as quickly as I was hoping). I have done higher level UDP + TCP kinds of things before, but doing want I want here (in essence a software based router) would require examining lower level information (IP level probably) which much less API's let you access.

    I took a look at smoothping but that isn't what I have in mind. That one uses ssh, which while in some cases can speed things up, the protocol I have in mind would blow it out the water in terms of performance for many use cases.

    Basically what I'd be targeting is situations, mostly international (say Brazil to United States) where people want to watch streaming (legal) unencrypted videos / TV shows and they currently have poor performance. Or, if they want to play a video game that only has US servers, and are getting poor performance from a link that has 1% or more packetloss on TCP or 5% or more packetloss on UDP.

    This would even work within the US in some situations for gamers, like I was having issues with Comcast in Atlanta a few months ago trying to play League of Legends but it seems to finally have got better.

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    If you rae looking for Proxy Service that provides you a Lower Ping, Reduced Lag or Latency Fix. For this you can check it from

    I hope it will help you to get it for you.

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    Good link.

    But what I have in mind goes far beyond any of those techniques.

    Here is something along the lines of what I have in mind:
    If you search for "network coding" in that article that comes probably closest to what I want to do.

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    Actually one thing to add, why would I work on this when Apple is doing it?

    Their solution only works when the destination is an Apple server (like a Siri server), or for cell phone performance usage, not international bandwidth performance enhancement.

    In other words you need an endpoint that supports it. That's what I would do. I'd be like battleping, distributing client but hosting my own proxy servers. The client and proxy servers both are required to support this multipath "network coding" approach. Then it becomes universal.. it will work for any application to any server (as long as the proxy servers have reasonable routes to the final destination servers).

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