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    My website is currently hosted in a VPS and we wish to switch to Amazon AWS auto scalable EC2 as we are growing fast. Currently I have around 500 daily users and increasing by 10% monthly. VPS upgrades are expensive and limited. I found Amazon AWS extremely fast in loading pages in some websites and they are scalable in everything!!

    My question, is Amazon AWS managed or un-managed? Which plan do you think I should start with? My website is a custom script for file transfers and the database is not huge.

    What EBS volumnes mean? Is it essential?

    If I choose 12 hrs daily usage for instance, this means even a visitor is active, the time will counted?!

    Thanks in advance, cheers

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    I think its $100 per Month for 24x7

    But I am not a customer so some one who is can better answer this
    or just ask them ??
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    Be careful how you deploy your site on AWS. If scalability is what you're after, a single EC2 instance won't help much. You need to properly build your app around the AWS services and launch it through Elastic Beanstalk.

    Also, the amount of visitors you're getting, depending on what the app does, I'm not sure why you'd need to move to a more powerful scalable solution just yet. If it's just a normal website, with some PHP backend, then you should be able to handle 1000s of visitors on something as small as a 1024MB VPS.

    I've gotten sites getting 200K page views/day working flawlessly on a small VPS.

    My point is, the hardware is not the only factor. If you're developing the app yourself, you need to make sure you're optimizing it as much as possible. Simple things like caching where possible, or reducing database calls.


    Read the bit about file transfers. Depending on exactly what you're doing, you may even come out ahead selectively using different AWS services individually. For example, you say your database is not that large, so I assume the actual application logic isn't all that intensive either. Maybe you can continue to serve your site from your own VPS server, but leverage things like Amazon S3 for the file operations.

    Again, I don't know what you're doing exactly. However, throwing more hardware or brand names at the problem isn't the only solution.
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    I would also recommend to check your site first. Unless you are hosting cpu intensive site (aka youtubedownloaders, or similar converters), you should not have any issues with your VPS for another 1-2 years (with your described 10% growth) Web Hosting - First class web hosting services.
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