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    CentOS secure delete/scrub free space?

    Can anyone recommend a good tool for securely erasing / scrubbing free hard drive space in CentOS?

    The purpose would be simply to securely clean up a dedicated server before I stop renting it. I'd like to ensure any data cannot be recovered by whoever gets the hard drives after I am finished with them.

    Thanks in advance for any advice related to this.
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    If you have out of band access (ilo, drac, ipmi), then use DBAN. There's no real way to do it from within the OS, other than just making a ton of writes to keep overwriting the blocks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by serve-you View Post
    other than just making a ton of writes to keep overwriting the blocks.

    Yes, This can be achieved by overwriting the blocks with random data using something like dd.

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    1. Boot your server into ramdisk
    2. User shred in order to securely delete your data:

    You can run a basic check if the files are there with

    Anyway, that is a simple check. Try and do some more digging. - Managed dedicated servers, cloud servers and software development.

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