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    Apache vs Litespeed

    I have read a lot about the performance improvement of Litespeed compared to Apache. However, I am keen to know which one is the better when it comes to security.
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    I think if you rely on the actual web server for security your focusing on the wrong aspect or perhaps a different definition of security.

    I do know in the past there was a memory injection attack for some versions of apache but I've not researched enough into LiteSpeed in regards to vulnerabilities in the core components

    The majority of security issues come from what you have apache or litespeed running and not the core components. This is also true of things such as your PHP version and if they have any exploits available for those but primarily most intrusions occur due to coding errors or exploits in existing code and not directly from the main servers.

    Another thing to consider however is what all modules Apache works with compared to LiteSpeed. While LiteSpeed supports some mod_security esque rules it does not directly support the actual module which may limit you on a few things you can do with that.

    At the end of the day it is honestly what you're more familiar with and keeping upto date with any patch releases and primarily auditing the code your running to ensure it doesn't have any nasty surprises hiding in it.
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    We used LiteSpeed several years and it is really better than apache.

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    Litespeed had some recent security issues as well

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    Maybe but WHMCS had too ? so all webhost never use it ? they have strong team to support it, do you think apache is bug free ? search google for more apache bug

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    Quote Originally Posted by UH-Bobby View Post
    Litespeed had some recent security issues as well
    Name a software for this industry that hasn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay H View Post
    Name a software for this industry that hasn't.
    True that is . I was replying to an earlier poster who said that apache has had several vulnerabilities, and he was saying he wasn't aware that Litespeed has had any, and I was just mentioning that they have had some (recently) as well. I've never used Litespeed, so not sure of the pros and cons over performance, etc.
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