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    * XenServer 6.2 - Open Source - Billing Module - I can write this (Good?)

    Hi guys.

    Some time ago, we have XenServer 6.2 with full options of paid version for free.

    After this, I don't see any modules for billing softwares like WHMCS or HostBill with full automated VPS install and Billing Control.

    We have the XEN Module (Xenica) for WHMCS, but it's outdated (2010) and don't have console / VNC in the Client Area (that I think is the best option for our customers).

    By looking to the XenServer API and I see that I'm able to write a WHMCS module with everything that we need (I can start to write this in the finish of December).

    What you think about this? I'll have success to sell this module, or you think there is no one using XenServer? Waste of time?

    Thank you for your suggestion.

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    It would we be wonderful if you write such a module.
    Prashant T.

    Don't run after Success. Run after Excellence and Success will soon follow.

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    I ask for it, because I don't any comments about the new free xenserver. Then I think no one is using.

    And yes, if I'm going to write, is to write a module with full options where you will be able to do everything that you need direct on the module.

    As I think, the most hard work, is to get VMs with the IPs setup inside. IP manager for it, will be SO HARD.

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    There is a shortage of any good Xenserver provisioning scripts out there and I think you will find a lot of interest. A good place to get started for a project like this is XVP, an open source xenserver manager that works great, but does not do any provisioning of new vm's. Here is the link:

    Excellent examples of the api being used to handle most functions of the xenserver vm's, start, stop, VNC console access, snapshots, etc. all from a web page.

    Good luck and count me as interested if your doing a WHMCS/Xenserver billing interface.

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    XenServer are not really that big, I would go with OpenVZ /w HyperVM there is already lots of add-ons for it.

    if you'r planing to make money from the add-on I wouldn't suggest it because you could be wasting your time.

    If you really need this for your own stuff and looking for some extra cash trying to sell the add-on then its really not waste of time or money.\\

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