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    doubt with dns propagation

    Hello. I have my private dns registered with a one provider, pointing to hostgator hosting. Now, i switch to another hosting provider, and so, i changed the ips of nameservers with my registrant, pointing to new server. However, been more than 48 hours, and my web goes on pointing to hostgator. No DNS propagation. In Cpanel of hostgator, i have a ttl of 86400, it is 24 hours, but i have seen, in SOA parameters, time of expired is 5 weeks. I dont know that it means, and if it is normal:

    The SOA record is:
    Primary nameserver:
    Hostmaster E-mail address: -----
    Serial #: ------
    Refresh: 86400
    Retry: 7200
    Expire: 3600000 5 weeks
    Default TTL: 86400

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    Place the domain here or test it here:
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    Not much help can really be provided without knowing what the domain name is... If you're comfortable posting it, I'm sure you can get some help

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    The SOA records don't have anything to do with DNS propagation, they are instructions for updating slave DNS servers.

    You will normally find the $TTL entry at the top of the master zone file. If you're moving a domain to a new IP address, which is apparently your situation, then that ttl will come into play for returning visitors. New visitors will be sent to the updated IP address right away.

    When I'm getting ready to move a domain to a new IP address I normally set the $TTL to 900 about a week beforehand. That 900 figure is in seconds, so it sets the ttl to 15 minites.

    I suggest that you test your update progress by going through a proxy, like this one.

    As mentioned before, optimize your DNS records to satisfy and you'll be up to snuff.
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    Make sure that you have also updated A records for your nameservers record i.e. ns1 and ns2. Also try to ping your website from online tool like

    If you see the new IP address, there should not be able issue and you just need to wait. If it resolves old IP, there is something wrong with your setup.
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    Can you post the domain name?

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