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    StableHost 2m Review

    Recently due to me having to cut down costs for my personal projects I've switched to StableHost using their $9.95/m "Plus" shared hosting plan. I was previously on a managed VPS from WiredTree (They're a great company too) and expected to have a bit slower loading speeds since I'd be moving to a shared server down from a VPS. After ordering it took about 24 hours to setup and receive my account details, which is fine and the reason I ordered a week ahead of my VPS due date -- after it was setup I sent a ticket asking for them to transfer my cPanel account to their server, which I expected to run into some problems after the transfer was done but everything worked great, all DNS settings, MySQL, etc.

    Their servers run great, I haven't seen the server load or resource usage but I am taking a guess that they're not overloaded whatsoever. The SSDs they use make a big difference with MySQL, and I've noticed it greatly as I run a medium size XenForo forum.

    Support is alright, they do reply with useful replies but the response time could be a bit faster (I think it was a few hours initial, after that it was around 30 minutes), I don't need a lot of support, so it's not a big deal for me as I probably won't submit another tech ticket for months.

    Since signing up, I've referred two people who are friends and they've both had no problems at all. They also had their accounts transferred in under 12 hours and all went well. (I didn't refer them via affiliate links)

    Support: 9/10
    Hardware: 10/10 (Solid state drives on shared and resellers, E3-12xx processors I believe [could be wrong?])
    Network: 10/10 (No downtime, <20ms ping to my site)

    I usually don't write reviews, but StableHost deserves a few more.

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    Thanks for sharing your experience that you have with stable host with us sounds like they've got your back.

    I've seen a couple reviews here and there about stable host they are reliable.

    Submit your ip or domain to WHT mods / help desk so they can verify this review is legit.

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    StableHost 2m Review

    Great Review! Stablehost is a great provider and I hope you enjoy their service.

    Great Job Stablehost!
    HostClearly Web Hosting
    Shared, Reseller, and VPS Hosting since 2010!

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    That's a really good score!

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    Congrats StableHost! It's always good to see positive reviews and companies thriving in this market, keep up the good job!

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