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    WHM nameserver problems

    Hi all, Recently started using WHM after 6 months of using Plesk (no live site yet as taking my time learning how to manage my cloud vps). Apologies if this is something simple as i have been unwell for several weeks and a rather bad brain fog.

    In Plesk I created a DNS zone for myself then assigned the nameservers. In WHM you have to list the nameservers in the initial setup. Both nameservers have been given a zone, hostname has also been given a zone. I have been unable to resolve the nameservers with my domain registrar's glue records (I am using com for hostname and website and net for the nameservers. I have assigned the relevant IPs).

    Do I need to set up all websites in the ns1 zone? I want my web hosting website on its own dedicated ip eg

    .223 host
    .224 nameserver1
    .225 dedi ip for website
    .225 nameserver2
    .226 shared ip for web hosting customers
    .227 unallocated
    .228 unallocated
    .229 unallocated

    Thanks for any advice or links to information.


  2. If you use bind, try to resolv your hostname from console. If it works then your only issue is to properly register your nameserver with your registrar.

    By default WHM does everything for you, just assign 2 or more nameservers, and when you had a domain it will automatically create proper dns zones.

    I think your issue right now is only with your registrar.
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    wait for the propagation and then ask your domain registrar to resolve glue record issue or to create child name servers for you.

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    Hi, hostname resolves and so does dnsdomainname. I have raised a support ticket. Thanks guys.

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    make sure that the configuration in your server is correct with the below command.

    dig @server-IP domain-name

    If this is correct you need to correct the glue record.

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    After you create the domain in WHM, it will automatically setup the dns zone and NS records for it. You don't have to do anything manually, assuming the server and nameservers were configured correctly when the server was first setup. You can run a test at for your domain to check it.
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    Thanks guys I will try this today. I received a support request from OVH which is quite a complicated. I first have to change to their nameservers. I have done this but the dot net domain is trapped on a spooi. Why do they make is so complicated?



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