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    Experienced Server Administrator (General and Gameservers)

    Game Servers I have installed myself on windows boxes:
    1. Minecraft (Bukkit, multicraft, etc.)
    2. Source Games, Garrysmod, Counter Strike etc.
    3. Starmade
    4. Freelancer

    On Linux I really only done mine craft and starmade, But can install almost anything server side on linux.

    • Adapting to challanges and troubleshoot issues
    • Over 8 years of server operation experiance personal and professional
    • Fast and stable internet connection.
    • Laid back and cool headed person.
    • Talent for Computers since very young.

    I know CPanel and Plesk very well... This allowed me to learn, Joomla, Wordpress and more open source and free software for websites.

    I can work and fix a lot of things. learning anything I don't know or relearning things I hardly use only takes me a short time todo... I have my own VPS and servers I use to learn new stuff for my own gaming community so my knowledge is always fresh in my mind.

    So give me a shot, send me a message on skype "drakeal" or leave a message here.

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    I have contacted you on skype!
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