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    Amazon EC2 Support


    I have subscribe amazon EC2 for testing purpose. Everything is ok and most of normal tools to create instance.

    However, i have created Linux instance CentOS 6 x86-x64. everything is understandable and changeable. but i m stuck at the Networking point.

    My question is do i need to configure my linux instance etho which is under /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

    Currently its like this


    My confusion is, normally we setup VPS static IP here and did the same and lost my instance access. i don't want to lose this instance again.

    Basic question is, how can i configure it on static IP ? amazon instance give me one 1 IP and i added additional IP for nameserver purpose. they also given me Public DNS which is like ""

    Anyone have experience please help me to understand this as their documents are not human brain friendly.


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    If I remember correctly AWS EC2 instnaces by default will pull its internal IP information from DHCP server. The public IP is not set on the individual instances, a form of NAT is used as traffic cross into the public realm. To ensure you're public IP remains the same, you need to purchase an Elastic IP and assign to the instance, you do not need to set this elastic IP on the instance itself. If you do not purchase an elastic IP then if I remember correctly the public IP assigned is returned to the pool and may be reassigned elsewhere.
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    You don't need to edit eth0 configuration. As Matt said, they use DHCP to pull server's private IP from their internal network. For public access, you have to add a elastic IP from their interface and assign to your instance ( ). Note that be very careful when you remove the particular elastic IP from your account and make sure you will not use it for any specific purposes. The elastic IP you assign will be NATed automatically to the assigned instance.

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    Is Amazon EC2 server running when you are disconnected? I am interested into this as I want to run some tasks and later log in back to get the results.

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    It is just like a VPS. You mean you want to fork a task from shell , then disconnect? If so, any tasks associated with the disconnected shell will be terminated until nohup is used. That is how Linux works and there is no difference with EC2 as well. if you want to run something in back ground and check the result back later, use "screen" utility. ( )

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    Well, my tasks are not from command line, they are more graphical and running from windows programs. For example I am using World Machine, which generates surfaces, but it is running to long on my PC and additionally I want to avoid heating and ruining my PC. So I would just simply run these tasks on remote PC and come back later to get results. Is Amazon EC2 allowing this to do? This is why I need RDP, not VPS.

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    RDP and VPS are different things. If you need RDP ( Remote Desktop Protocol ) you can run a windows VPS and run your tasks over should work as same as your desktop works.

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    Yes, I know, but is Amazon EC2 allowing to do that? I need Windows 7 desktop running there.

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    I am not aware anything that prevents that..because if it does, it cannot operate in public level.

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    ok, thanks

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    With Amazon EC2 Instance Server are running sometime you need a Dynamic ip session in Instance server

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