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    Media packs and flash object

    Hi, i downloaded the .com and .net media pack from my registrar (opensrs) and its so cool, has all the logos and videos and banners, very nice..

    But i have a question when it comes to the shockwave flash object that comes with the images. I know how to embed a flash object i have done it before but is that what i need to do with the flash objects that come with the images?

    I guess i just use a standard flash embed code and specify the image and the object in there correct? I have just never seen flash objects included with images before like this..

    i guess i could open up all these pdf files and read them though lmao.... it will probably tell me... hee hee

    UPDATE: correction i read it and it just gives me the clear space requirements, says nothing about the flash object.
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    ok i think i got it, i thought they went together as a set, but one is just a still image and the other one is a flash version...

    this can be improved but i just did this as a test and it worked.. i renamed the file to test.swf

    PHP Code:


    print ("<div align='center' >
    <object type=\"application/x-shockwave-flash\" data=\"test.swf\" height=\"250\" width=\"300\">
     <param name=\"movie\" value=\"test.swf\" />
     <param name=\"flashVars\" value=\"autostart=yes&amp;loop=yes&amp;repeat=yes\" />
     <param name=\"quality\" value=\"high\" />
     <param name=\"wmode\" value=\"transparent\" />


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