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    Looking for a official ICANN logo

    Hi, i guess the new rules of being a reseller for a ICANN registrar says i must link to some of their (ICANN'S) pages so i also want to add an official logo.

    I did find this...

    but i was hoping for an official logo from their site so i could have a transparent background. I can add one but i dont see the need to do the work in PS if it already exists.

    I did search google and the ICANN site but did not find it..

    Anyone know where i might find this..


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    Do you have photoshop? You could make it transparent from there.
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    That's an SVG, open it in Inkscape and remove the background.

    It's editable, it's not like a PNG or anything that is static. That's all dynamically re-sizable and what not.
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    oh ok got ya... thanks so much.... yes i did make one in Photoshop..

    i have another question on media packs but i will ask in a new thread, thanks...

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