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    Looking for a Partner/Guru/Merge (US)

    My partner and I have finally decided to enter the hosting industry by selling dedicated servers. We currently have 10 servers collocated with Continuum Data Centers and we are currently looking for a third person to fill the roll of CTO.

    We can discuss things further through private message including the company name, hardware, share of the company, and more if anyone is interested.

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    Sorry for the fast bump, but allow me to clarify a few things since I can't edit the OP.

    I am an investor and along with my partner who is an excellent programmer are looking to start a dedicated server hosting company.

    The business is registered, the website is on its way and is in its final stages, and we are looking to provide unmanaged dedicated servers providing the customer with everything they need to manage it (IPMI, automatic provisioning, etc.).

    We currently have 10 dedicated servers collocated with Continuum Data Centers and we need someone who can lead this company into the right direction.

    If you are interested please contact me over PM for more information.

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    We currently host for a few companies. Would be interested in discussing.

    Please feel free to call me at 408 884 0325.


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