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    Nested virtualization

    Hello All,

    I have a dedicated server which has two disks, a SSD and a SATA2 disk. I want to use this server for vps service provissioning. I want to sell two types of services, a SSD-based service and SATA-based service. Unfortunately SolusVM does not support such a offering plan setup. As a result it is now more than a month I'm trying to get CloudStack up and running properly but reached no success yet as each time I setp management and agent, face a different problem.

    So as a solution, I may be able to install VMware and devide my server into tw VMware based virtual server each of which running separate SolusVM slave with KVM.

    - Do you think this solution is reachable?
    - What will happen to end-user's virtual servers' performance?
    - What problems do you think it may face?

    Please guide me through the way.

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    Honestly, sounds like a bunch of ****ing around to me.

    You should either do SSD caching for the sata drives or just do it separately.
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    Nested virtualization is going to rob your customers of performance. Nested virtualization is a bad idea.
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    I would agree, nested virtualization is not a good fit for this. I've used nested virtualization, but only for non-production workloads (testing primarily). There are a few other things that it's handy for, but production workloads are not one of those use cases.
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    What you asked about is dual virtualization and proxmox has that out of the box. You can have a kvm and openvz
    But what you need is not dual virtualization but a virtualization cp that can manage multiple hard drives and proxmox has that too but you will need to create vms manually or at least write the plugin to your billing software.

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    Proxmox is ideal for your setup, it handles Type1 and Type2 Virtualisation, container (linux kernel) virtualisation and hardware virtualisation (hypervisor).

    Nested Virtualisation (VM within a VM) only really works when everything is running on the same kernel, but doesn't really work for most solutions particularly when you're expecting to use the end VM as a server - it essentially has a high over head if you take into account regular OS resource requirements at each machine level, they aren't optimised for this and you'd just be wasting hypervisor resources. IMO Nested Virtualisation should only be used for distributed application service layer architectures - low level PaaS particularly if an application service can't handle multicore process threading natively and let's the hypervisor multithread instead.
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