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    Exclamation Appraisal and Few questions about VPS

    Alright, I've had come up some really nice idea to completely hide all of my gameservers's IP from DDoS by placing the gateserver into 4-5 gateservers placed all over world, and probably have the VPS DDoS protected. That way there's no single point failure and it would be extremely hard to take down all of the gateservers.

    My questions here is that how much am I looking for buying 4-5 VPS (will pay for 12 months) each VPS should only have around 256MB ram, 1 core, 100 or 1000 port with approximately 100GB legit traffic per month, however there may be DDoS attack.

    Does anybody know how much and any good VPS hosting that provies low power along DDoS protection ? I can find DDoS protected VPS easily but they are commonly too much resource or too expensive.

    Let me know. Thanks.

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    It is good idea but you should know DDoS Protection market is expensive market and there is nothing like cheap DDoS protection. You can check or, they offer great VPS with DDoS Protection but the price may not satisfied you.

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    As the other posters say DDOS protection is expensive. But your main idea of 3 or 4 VPS servers in different locations I think is a good one that should reduce your chances of a DDOS attack, but certainly won't guarantee protection. Take them with different providers and as geographically dispersed as possible. You ask about cost, VPS plans typically start from a few dollars upwards depending on how much RAM, bandwidth and other resources you want. I'd figure roughly $10 - $15/m per VPS.

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