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    Question / dead?


    Does anyone currently have a server with, owned by

    My server has been down for about 2 months now and I have had no reply from the host's ticket system, I've even e-mailed ServerMinds owner Dominic Hakke directly and attempted to add him on Skype to find out any information, but to no avail so far.

    I've now sent a message to ServerMinds Facebook page and Twitter account to try and get some form of communication.

    Has anyone else got any information or any communication from the company if they use them?


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    Seems like their site is on maintenance and no contact details.

    And 2 months of downtime? Don't you think it is too much of a wait?
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    Yeah 2 months is too long. I sent a support ticket initially about 7 weeks ago when I first seen the server was down.

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    Still no reply, it seems my latest support ticket was actually deleted off their website, though I still have the automated e-mail showing I did indeed send a ticket.

    Not happy with the service and tried to contact the owner/support team as much as I could.

    I paid up for a server for a year, as the parent company is based in the Netherlands and I'm in the UK is there any legal route I can go to get some form of compensation?

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    Instead of wasting time on this better to go for other hosting provider.

    You will get lots of best hosting provider have 24*7 support.

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    This kind of cases demotivates companies to pay per year.
    Pay per month has been a little ignoring but I have to understand.
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