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    WHMCS + Multicraft Assistance


    Let me first explain what I am going to do:

    I am in the process of creating a new website. I am going to need some assistance installing WHMCS on it / carrying over my current data from my current WHMCS site. As of right now I run 2 websites. 1 wordpress, and 1 WHMCS "client portal". I am looking to combine these 2 into 1 site. Anyways this would entail installing it on the new site / transferring the data over / and also resetting up the API with the Multicraft module to allow automatic setups.

    I am looking to hire someone to do the the above for an affordable price. You must have WHMCS, Multicraft, and Wordpress experience.

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    I can do it on a good price. I have much experience. Add me in skype [ise8enseas]

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    Added, Anyone Else interested?

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    WHMCS + Multicraft Assistance


    Send me a PM and I should be able to help you out.


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    I can definitely do this, I've set up Multicraft + WHMCS for over a dozen different hosting businesses, 2 of my own as well.

    I can get the job done properly and at a competitive rate.

    My skype is: Adevictus

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    If this job is still open, we'd be glad to do it. Please contact me on Skype at Brandon.Olivares

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